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Spotlight Friday’s – Chris Cash x Matic

Chris Cash x Matic “At It Again” [Official Music Video] http://youtu.be/eWsuzo0NPQ4 Quick Bio: Aside from being the go-to guy to hit up when you come to Vegas, Chris Cash operates his own record label and manages his and his artist Matic’s career as recording artist. Having over 10 years of experience in the music business, […]

Stock Music

There are so many beat makers out there looking for a rapper or singer to get on their beats. If you want to make money in this industry know that there is more than one way to skin a cat. If you’ve never tried it before try STOCK MUSIC Stock Music is basically this, when […]

How to engage your audience

So may people use spam as a way to promote their product!!!! This is the wrong answer. Most of the time people who get unsolicited e-mails will either delete the message before they open the attachment or send you a nasty gram asking you not to spam them. If you try these steps I am […]

How to get your music on Pandora

It’s time to start making a name for yourself. If you don’t have radio play here’s a simple way you can start getting some play PANDORA. Pandora thrives on the little-known and the yet-to-be-discovered. Introducing listeners to material they’ve never heard before is one of our central missions, and we welcome independent artists from all […]

What is a Street Team

Hey Guys I found this post going through some music forums ….. I think it’s very helpful courtesy of froggie fresh beats ¬† What Is A Street Team¬† Having a street team or runners is a very powerful tool for recording artists. It uses the fans you already have to get more fans. Having runners […]