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Authentic Fusions – Radio Show “The Juan & Only”

check out “Authentic Fusions” Pod Cast tonight at 11PM our special guest tonight is Jazz sensation “The Juan and Only” on http://www.blogtalkradio.com/IARRADIO

“I come from a family of writers, actors, designers, and singers, so I guess a passion for expressing myself is in my blood. The environment one grows up in is undoubtedly hugely influential in a person’s life.”
Born in upstate New York, The Juan & Only (Juan Burson) learned how to play several instruments with ease by the time he entered his teenage years. His father, who was a Baptist Minister, directed a choir and played organ, had a profound impact upon his musical upbringing.
In the early 1990’s living in Atlanta, Juan scattered several of his own demos throughout the constant pull of production and performing. Juan landed a record deal in 1993, but later walked away from music due to ignorance of the business, and the passing of His Mother.
Primarily a drummer, multi-instrumentalist Juan Burson has transformed his recent sessions- crossing jazz, R&B, and Hip-Hop. Despite the many hats he has worn – Pianist, Songwriter, Actor, Poet, & Vocalist, none of them have been put on for the sake of the whim. This passion of Juan has grabbed the attention of friends and fans abroad who have listened to his music, and simply, fell in love with his style. His clear unaffected sound has become well known in the area.

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