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Getting a Good Mix

For all of my indie artist out there doing things on a shoe string budget!!!!! One thing you should not scrimp on is your MIX. Your mix should be able to stand up to any other song that’s on the radio. Your song is only as good as the weakest component. So here are some of the most common things that I hear when people are sending records to me for airplay. 

1. The bass is overpowering the song. If the bass is loud and sounds muddy or like a “broken” speaker 9 chances out of 10 it’s to loud and/or their was a limiter placed on the bass track to make it louder …..THIS IS A NO NO

2. Your lead vocals are to loud. Contrary to what people think your vocals should not stick out like a soar thumb!! They should sit pretty within the mix. Adding some reverb to the lead can help it GELL

3. Dry lead vocals if the track has a ton of effects and your voice has no effects on it ei (EQ, REVERB, DELAY ect.) Your vocal will not blend with the music

4. Muffled vocals…. If I can not understand what you are saying in your song your vocals need to be EQ”ed to take some of the bass from your voice.


Hope these things help make your mix better



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