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Spotlight Friday’s – Fyre Squad

They are a hip-hop group from Middlebury College in Vermont. They opened for Wale on April 21st at Kenyon Arena. Give it up for the 6 members  hailing from various parts of the country (New York, Massachusetts, South Carolina, and New Jersey)
Last year, Andy “Singz” Singley  and Nolan “Killa T” Thompson  decided to start a band. As time went on, the band grew, and a distinct hip-hop style grew with it. Unfortunately Nolan eventually left the group.
Now, Fyre Squad has six members, nine singles up on YouTube and a definite presence on Middlebury Campus. In addition to Singley, the band features the talents of Osaze “Oz” Riley , Joe “Breezy” Ortiz , Ola “Big O” Fadairo, Frédéric “French Toast” Camara and Evan “E Miles” Auguste.
The music of Fyre Squad is undeniably hip-hop with its strong beats and intelligent raps, but each song integrates varied styles and influences.
“It’s an amalgam of sorts,” said Fadairo. According to Fadairo, because the band’s members come from various parts of the country, they each have different tastes and musical inspirations. He cites up-and-coming rapper and songwriter Kendrick Lamar as a personal influence, while other members draw ideas from the work of artists such as Drake, T.I.,  and Lupe Fiasco. The combination of these diverse styles mixed with each member’s individual take on the music results in a memorable, nuanced and artful interpretation of hip-hop that is becoming harder and harder to find.
As a fairly new band, Fyre Squad has been quick in establishing itself. By making good use of Facebook for publicity purposes, the band has used the social media platform to build hype for events, gain support and post links to each new single just after being released.
With over 100 “likes” in a matter of months, word is certainly spreading. Just last month, they played a party at  the KDR Social House on Middlebury Campus— one of their first public events on campus — and there are sure to be more to come.They also were the opening act for a WALE concert on April 21st in Kenyon Arena. Keep your eyes and ears peeled, because you will definitely be seeing more of Fyre Squad in the next few months. In the meantime, check out their Facebook & Youtube page and see for yourself what all the hype is about.

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