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Does the sound quality of your MUSIC matter

To answer this question in a nutshell YES. In the era of digital this and digital that everyone and their grandmother has the capability to buy a $99.00 program put it on their $600.00 computer and press record. So ANYONE who has half a brain can make music. BUT the difference between a person just making music and someone who is trying to get a deal is the quality of what they are doing. Sooooooo even if you have a message if the recording is piss poor than no one will be able to understand where you are going with your music. Plus these days record companies want your demos to basically be radio ready. So here are a few tips to getting the best quality you can

1. If you are recording at home – and you really don’t know what you are doing. Make your home recording a ruff draft to practice how you are going to lay down what you’ve done. Then go to a professional studio to record the final version.

2. If you insist on recording at home and not going to a large studio to rerecord see if you can find an engineer who will mix your record so you can at least have the proper levels…..

3. Pararos around someone engineering website on mixing or grab a few books from your local Barnes and Nobles about mixing I always enjoyed the “Mixing Engineers Handbook” it can give you tips and advice on how to get the best sound out of your equipment.

4. Befriend an sound engineer they can always give you feedback about what you are doing even if they don’t mix the record.


Hope this is helpful



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