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Sound Quality

I know that this is not the first time that I have touched on this topic on our blog but my program director has asked me to touch on it again after listening to 50 or so submissions of independent artists music. So let me just be clear keep doing what you are doing but […]

Spotlight Friday’s – Chris Cash x Matic

Chris Cash x Matic “At It Again” [Official Music Video] Quick Bio: Aside from being the go-to guy to hit up when you come to Vegas, Chris Cash operates his own record label and manages his and his artist Matic’s career as recording artist. Having over 10 years of experience in the music business, […]

Getting a Good Mix

For all of my indie artist out there doing things on a shoe string budget!!!!! One thing you should not scrimp on is your MIX. Your mix should be able to stand up to any other song that’s on the radio. Your song is only as good as the weakest component. So here are some […]

Stock Music

There are so many beat makers out there looking for a rapper or singer to get on their beats. If you want to make money in this industry know that there is more than one way to skin a cat. If you’ve never tried it before try STOCK MUSIC Stock Music is basically this, when […]

Film and TV – How you can make money

There are so many ways to make money in the music industry….. Here’s one you may not have considered Film and/or TV. Over the years it has becoming increasingly easier for unsigned artist to participate and even thrive within this field. So let’s talk about what you need 1. MUSIC – I know you are […]

Spotlight Friday’s – Fyre Squad

They are a hip-hop group from Middlebury College in Vermont. They opened for Wale on April 21st at Kenyon Arena. Give it up for the 6 members  hailing from various parts of the country (New York, Massachusetts, South Carolina, and New Jersey) Last year, Andy “Singz” Singley  and Nolan “Killa T” Thompson  decided to start […]

Does the sound quality of your MUSIC matter

To answer this question in a nutshell YES. In the era of digital this and digital that everyone and their grandmother has the capability to buy a $99.00 program put it on their $600.00 computer and press record. So ANYONE who has half a brain can make music. BUT the difference between a person just […]