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What to look for in a manager

I know many times artist feel like they NEED to have a manager. But truth be told until you get to a certain point in your career you really don’t need one. Manager are there to manage the things you have going on within your career and create additional opportunities based on the hard work you’ve already done. So what are some things (when it’s time) to look for when seeking out a manager

Well for starters

1. Someone who can manage things multitask…. you don’t want someone who can only handle one thing at a time really that’s going to get you no where!!!

2. Someone who has connections outside of the connections you already have. Face it if their going to get 20% of what you are getting they need to work for it

3. Negotiation skills, can they get you the best rate for your talents or do you have to go in and play hardball too??

4. Knowledge about the music business!!! I’m just saying that should be a given


Remember your MANAGER works for YOU!!!! and the buck should stop with you not them because ultimately it’s your name on the line.


Hope this was helpful


One comment on “What to look for in a manager

  1. Okay, you can be right about that, however, the Artist just wants to be an artist and doesn’t want to focus on making connections, getting booked, or dealing with paperwork. They will tell you they are comfortable in the lab…and feel outta place when it comes to the biz. Yes, I work for my clients and take interest in their careers to make it the best…cause in the end, we work for them and not the other way around.

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