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How to get your music on Pandora

It’s time to start making a name for yourself. If you don’t have radio play here’s a simple way you can start getting some play PANDORA.

Pandora thrives on the little-known and the yet-to-be-discovered. Introducing listeners to material they’ve never heard before is one of our central missions, and we welcome independent artists from all backgrounds and levels of visibility, working in all styles, to submit their music or comedy for possible inclusion on Pandora.

We have a deep respect for artists and their work, and we take the responsibility of curating Pandora’s collection very seriously. We see an ever-growing number of submissions, and the task of selection is made even harder by the limits on our capacity for adding new content. So, while we feel a great affection and respect for everyone who makes the choice to create, the reality is that the majority of the music or comedy we receive does not get selected.

To submit music or comedy to Pandora, you’ll need these items:

1) a CD of your music/comedy

2) a unique UPC code for that CD (To obtain your own UPC code at a low cost, click here. If you already have a UPC code for this particular CD–for instance, through your record label–use that one).

3) this CD to be available through Amazon as a physical CD (and not just as MP3s)–and for the name of each track to be listed in the Track Listing section on the page for that CD

4) the legal rights to your music/comedy

5) a standard free Pandora account, based on a valid email address, that will be associated with this submission

6) MP3 files for exactly two tracks from your CD

Note: It is only possible to submit one CD at a time to Pandora

Once you have all of these items ready to go, you can submit your music or comedy to Pandora for consideration here.

courtesy of http://www.pandora.com

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