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Spotlight Friday’s

I will do this every single FRIDAY from here on out…. HIGHLIGHT some of the hottest artist from around the world

Tyrie Hames, Producer/Songwriter, born and raised in Buffalo, New York by relatives. Growing up I couldn’t avoid music even if i wanted to, with Michael (father figure) being a bass player and pianist and biological father that’s a DJ and beat-box master. When I first started making music  I had the talent to make my own songs, but was doing it all with no beats of my own. Using other people’s beats got old to me and i felt it was time to do things my self. Paying for beats was acceptable to a point, depending on the quality of the beat and how much I liked it, but for the most part, it was something that was getting expensive so I had to come up with an alternative solution. I started out sampling using the software Fruity Loops and would use any piece of music i could find dating from the classics of 70s music (rock, pop, and my favorite r&b soul) and that was something I did for a few years before changing things up. Before when I was creating songs, I really didn’t mind using others beats but times changed and i wanted to be the man behind the melody and become a true composer of music. A very good friend of mines Ricky (Richie Rich) let me borrow his Korg Triton Extreme keyboard and from that moment on it was like breathing, something i was born to do and couldn’t live with out. I began my journey on to learning many new things with using the keyboard while it was in my possession. I began to learn how to read music, some of the many different chords used by many pianists and began expanding my potential with music and developing my own sound. When it comes to the genre of music I can create, I don’t discriminate. If you need rap, hip-hop, r&b, hip-rock (just to name a few) i’m sure between me and Richie Rich, we can make it happen. Using software such as Reasons, Roland Phantom, MPK49 midi keyboard, M-Audio bx8 Studio Monitors, desktop computer and a Blue Condenser mic high quality is never a issue wit any of my creations.Till this day I’m still learning more about music and the more I learn, the more productive I become and the more music you can hear. TDH



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