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Engineering Corner – TOPIC EQing Voices In a Mix

Hi everyone…. this topic is for all of my aspiring Mix Engineers


So EQ how do you use it to blend voices in a mix? Well quite honestly lots if you understand how to use EQ you will find that you don’t need  as many other effects if you EQ first.

So what are some of the this EQ is used for

1. Bringing clarity to a vocal. If you are dealing with a male voice with a lot of bass  or sounds “muddy”  you can add frequencies in the 2k to 4k range to add clarity to his voice

2. Jelling background vocals. You can group a section of background vocals together and even if those vocals have more than 1 melody you can bus the vocals to one channel strip and add a EQ to it to give the whole background a familiar feel.

3. Using EQ to make things within a song pop. You can EQ a vocal adding 6k to 8k to really make it stand out in the mix adding those higher frequency to those vocals will definitely set it apart from from the rest of the mix.


Remember these are just a few tips for EQ there are many other things you can do to a mix using EQ


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