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How do you Monetize your MUSIC

After posting this on my fav music forum. I noticed that a lot of people looked at the post but no one commented!!!! This makes me think that I need to possible address this on my blog. So how do you go about monetizing your music

1. Make sure all of your legal information is taken care of MEANING

A. Sign up with a PRO Organization ASCAP, SESAC, or BMI

B. Make sure your songs are copywritten

C. Register your songs with your PRO organization


NOW that’s done your next step


2. Publicize yourself and your music

A. Join social networks like twitter, Facebook, My Space, Reverbnation, Band Camp, SoundClick, You Tube Ect

B. Once you join promote yourself and your music

C. Create a conversation with your online friends and family – get feedback back your music make sure your fans LOVE IT

D. Do interviews with local magazines, attend music conferences, try to get on showcases, get your contact UP

E. Catalog your fan base so that when you have something going on or new you can let them know about it


3. Find outlets where people can purchase your music TUNECORE, ITUNES, RAPSODY, or even just pay pal on your website urge people to support your music $.99 is not a lot to ask for 1 download


Hope you find this helpful


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