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What is a Street Team

Hey Guys I found this post going through some music forums ….. I think it’s very helpful courtesy of froggie fresh beats


What Is A Street Team 

Having a street team or runners is a very powerful tool for recording artists. It uses the fans you already have to get more fans. Having runners doesn’t have to be taken literally though. This is year 2011; an actual street team isn’t as beneficial as it was five years ago. This is the computer age; everyone either owns a computer and or knows someone that owns a computer. In other words your street team just got virtual. 

Setting Up Your Street Team 

Assuming that you already have a substantial amount of fans you already understand how important it is to build a relationship with them. Hit them up via e-mail, YouTube, MySpace, Reverb-Nation but absolutely do not spam them with playlists of your music. Talk to them individually and get to know them; if they like your music they will more than likely hit you up first. After you get to know them better, they might ask you “when are you dropping another mix-tape?” or “what are you currently working on?” When you have a die-hard loyal fan they will spread the word about you regardless, you won’t even have to ask them. 
Women will be the biggest asset to your street team, always remember this. I’ve been e-mailed several times on You Tube asking me to check out a recording artist that turned out to be very good. Truthfully I wouldn’t have paid as much attention to the e-mail if the female that sent it to me wasn’t a dime piece. It’s good to get followers from both genders but focus on the females a little bit more. P.S if she thinks you’re cute she’s really going to promote for you, so step your swag up. 

Implementing It All 

Get a set amount of street team members from as many major sites as you can and have them spread the word about your music. Talk to everyone that hits you up, even the haters; find out everything there is to know about that person and try to cater to them. Always remember you’re nothing without fans so give them what they want. Build up your virtual team because the internet is worldwide and the first step to achieving your goal.


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