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Ways to get paid as a studio owner

Hi Guys….. it’s me again, patrolling the music forum websites again. I ran across this post and thought it would be kinda of cool thing to address Here is the post

Lets list some ways to get paid as a studio owner.
Either Project or Top of the line.

One Main thing is to get your own use out of your studio…Assuming your either a Engineer, musician, vocalist, or producer.. Owner should only be one hat worn. 

Meaning the studio should be a place for you to practice you’re craft.. and rent it out as an income as well…

But there are other ways.. and benefits.. 

lets discuss some

So….. as a STUDIO there are so many ways that you can make money but the best and sure fire way to MAKE MONEY and have CONTINUOUS business is by finding your niche. My mom always said a jack of all trades is a jack of NO TRADES. So decide what type of recording studio you want to have whether it’s recording live bands, ADR’s, SCORING for TV and FILM, MIXING, MASTER, TRACKING over beats, or a combination of……. make sure that whatever it is you get into you

1. Have all of the necessary equipment to make yourself successful.

2. Know how to operate that equipment

3. Be knowledge about your area of expertise

4. Maintain strategic alliances with others that support what you are doing in the studio e.i. if you are scoring films make sure you know a few film makes, actors, sound stages… this will help you keep your business thriving


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