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Starting a Indie Record Label the basics

I was on sound click.com and I came across this post and wanted to share my response with you all I thought the information could be useful

Does anyone know what it takes to create a small independent label? I want to know approximate costs if possible, and also things you think might be needed. I pretty much want to know everything, because I’m tentatively thinking about it right now but I want to know what it really would take.

There are a lot of things to consider

1. what type of artists are looking to sign
– this will tell you if you need to
A. Build a studio
B. Rent a studio

2. How will promote your label
– What type of budget do you have in place to promote so you can get viable talent

3. What strategic connections do you have to
1. Write
2. Create Music
3. Produce the record
4. Mix the record
5. Master the record

4. Radio Play do you know any program directors that will help with radio promotions

5. Legal Team do you have a team in place to take care of all of your legal documentation

6. Promotional items do you have connections with
1. Photographers
2. Graphic Artist
3. Video people
4. Web Designers

7. Distribution Channel do you know how you are doing to distribute your product?

This is where I would start make a list of everyone you know that can help you and put a dollar figure on all of the things you don’t have people to help you with and this should give you a starting place


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