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What you should know before PURCHASING TRACKS

What you should know about a producer. All of my indie’s out there working on a shoe string budget should know this when considering working with a producer. Even though you may not have thousands of dollars to lease, option, or buy a track there are still a few things you NEED to know when going into that situation.

  1. What is the quality of the track!! If you are going to spend your money make sure that the quality is there. MEANING when the producer sends you the track are THEIR levels right? Have they put a mastering limiter on the track to make it louder? (that’s a no no by the way)
  2. After you’ve to recorded your number one hit song and it’s time to get a GOOD MIX is are they (the producer) able to send you the tracked out files of the track??? This is a must if you want to get a industry standard mix.
  3. Are they affiliated with a performing rights organizations??? ASCAP, BMI, SESAC. You really only want to deal with professionals it makes it much easier in the long run if you want to get your music licensed for TV, FILM, or GAMING. As well as when it is time for you to put your music on the radio you have the proper information to register your song so you can get your ROYALTIES!!! MONEY people this is your MONEY
  4. If you are leasing the track is there an option to buy? You don’t want to record, promote and make a track HOT only for someone else who also leased the track to ride off of your new found fame because they are using the same track.
  5. Most importantly make sure your paperwork is in order…. Once you’ve obtained the track make sure ALL paperwork is in order PRO organization, COPYRIGHTS, AGREEMENT between you and producer…. MUSIC is a business make sure your business is in order

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