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What you should know when putting together a demo.


These days everyone has access to some form of a recording studio whether it be your best friends set up to a full fledged recording studio. So when it comes to making “Demos” pretty much ANYONE can make one. But, if you really want to have a REAL shot at catching a music industry professionals ear and get the call back that you most certainly deserve here are some things that are a MUST to do before you submit your package.

  1. Know your audience – when you are submitting a demo think to yourself are you the right fit for the company that you are sending your material to? If the Label only produces country music don’t think that they will even consider your rap album ( unless told otherwise by someone who works within that company with the insiders ear )
  2. Sound Quality – This is a MUST.. the sound of your demo must stand up to anything that is out there within your genre on the radio. Before you send your records make sure you’ve got a RADIO READY MIX. If you do not know what a GOOD MIX is you need to find an engineer who knows how to mix the type of music you make. It may be on the pricy side between $250.00 and $500.00 per miz but, this will ensure that your song will be similar to what’s on the radio. ( Look out for future issue’s of INDIE we will go in depth on how to get a great mix on your record. )
  3. Product Push: Do you hae a buzz about you and your project? The reality is Major Label do not want to invest in a no name project, in this economy they are not even willing to take the risk. So if you are this person who has nothing don’t expect labels to pick up your demo and do something with it. Promote, Promote, Promote and you will find that the label will come to you looking to listen to what you’ve got.
  4. Hits only please. A hit is a song that even if you can’t stand it you can’t get it out of your head. Be realistic with yourself. Every song that you write will not be a hit. Have a few people around you that are not “YES” men to give you REAL feedback on your songs whether it’s good or BAD. Another thing that can really help is to sandwich your song between songs out there in the same genre that are hits. Does it flow well in the mix? Or does it stick out like a soar thumb.
  5. Build Relationships: Don’t just blindly send your demo off. Build relationships with the people you want to listen to your music. Remember your demo is just a drop in the bucket in a sea of demos. Your relationship with the person making the decision is what will get your music heard. You can never get a deal if you are never heard!!

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