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What to look for in a manager

I know many times artist feel like they NEED to have a manager. But truth be told until you get to a certain point in your career you really don’t need one. Manager are there to manage the things you have going on within your career and create additional opportunities based on the hard work […]

How to get your music on Pandora

It’s time to start making a name for yourself. If you don’t have radio play here’s a simple way you can start getting some play PANDORA. Pandora thrives on the little-known and the yet-to-be-discovered. Introducing listeners to material they’ve never heard before is one of our central missions, and we welcome independent artists from all […]

Engineering Corner – TOPIC EQing Voices In a Mix

Hi everyone…. this topic is for all of my aspiring Mix Engineers   So EQ how do you use it to blend voices in a mix? Well quite honestly lots if you understand how to use EQ you will find that you don’t need  as many other effects if you EQ first. So what are […]

Spotlight Friday’s

I will do this every single FRIDAY from here on out…. HIGHLIGHT some of the hottest artist from around the world Tyrie Hames, Producer/Songwriter, born and raised in Buffalo, New York by relatives. Growing up I couldn’t avoid music even if i wanted to, with Michael (father figure) being a bass player and pianist and […]

How do you Monetize your MUSIC

After posting this on my fav music forum. I noticed that a lot of people looked at the post but no one commented!!!! This makes me think that I need to possible address this on my blog. So how do you go about monetizing your music 1. Make sure all of your legal information is […]

Monetizing Your Music

I just have to speak on this because I am absolutely baffled. I was on a music forum as usual today and I put a post about monetizing your music. I was very surprised by the response that I got!!!!! There were many responses about doing music to fulfill themselves which is ok but people […]

Things to think about when looking for an entertainment lawyer

The best way to find a entertainment lawyer is to do research. Here are some of the things you will probably want to know when doing research. 1. Are they versed in contract law ( the main thing your lawyer will do is negotiate contracts so….. this is very important 2. Are they an expert […]