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Episode 4 – Networking with Fashion Blogger “Tamika Jones”

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Our Hearts go out to Tameka Raymond and Ryan Glover

When tragedy strikes often times people do not know what to say

They don’t know how to comfort

They don’t know how to help you heal










So what can we as a MUSIC community do to show

That we are with this family in their time of grief

We offer our prayers

We offer our support

We offer our love

We offer the imaginary arms that only we can put around them from ALL around the world

It is never easy to loose someone you love let alone a child…..

I would like to reach out to the music community and ask for you to put together a song of remembrance we would like to dedicate an a show in its entirety to Tameka Raymond and Ryan Glover’s son 11 year old son Kile who lost his life way to soon!!!! Please submit all music to iarradioatl@gmail.com in subject line please put IN REMEMBRANCE

This is such a serious matter so please don’t take it lightly

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Authentic Fusions – Radio Show “The Juan & Only”

check out “Authentic Fusions” Pod Cast tonight at 11PM our special guest tonight is Jazz sensation “The Juan and Only” on http://www.blogtalkradio.com/IARRADIO

“I come from a family of writers, actors, designers, and singers, so I guess a passion for expressing myself is in my blood. The environment one grows up in is undoubtedly hugely influential in a person’s life.”
Born in upstate New York, The Juan & Only (Juan Burson) learned how to play several instruments with ease by the time he entered his teenage years. His father, who was a Baptist Minister, directed a choir and played organ, had a profound impact upon his musical upbringing.
In the early 1990’s living in Atlanta, Juan scattered several of his own demos throughout the constant pull of production and performing. Juan landed a record deal in 1993, but later walked away from music due to ignorance of the business, and the passing of His Mother.
Primarily a drummer, multi-instrumentalist Juan Burson has transformed his recent sessions- crossing jazz, R&B, and Hip-Hop. Despite the many hats he has worn – Pianist, Songwriter, Actor, Poet, & Vocalist, none of them have been put on for the sake of the whim. This passion of Juan has grabbed the attention of friends and fans abroad who have listened to his music, and simply, fell in love with his style. His clear unaffected sound has become well known in the area.
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Being true to your craft

A lot of times musicians are made to fit in a little bubble. Whatever the FAD is that’s what people tend to jump on the band wagon. But, I am here to tell you that if you stay true to you, you will always come out ahead. Just look at the people who have pioneered trends by staying true to themselves and their music will forever be transcending.

Tupac, Biggie, Kanye, Beyonce, Whitney, Stevie, R. Kelly….. these artist are uncompromising believe me they do not follow trends they set them. So take a look at yourself and your craft are you making music to appease others or are you keeping it as real as possible. Here’s a test to see if you are “Keeping it Real”

1. When you are making music are you trying to HARD

2. When your song is done can someone say hey you sound like _____________ ( fill in the blank )

3. When you play your song in a mix with other songs that are out ( be honest ) do you blend in or do you STAND OUT

4. Are 90% of your lyrics the same as the next artist

5. Are you topics exactly the SAME as other artist


IF you have answered yes to 2 or more of these questions then guess what you are just another wanna be…….. Congrats to all of you original undeniable, undisputed, fabulous ARTIST we are hear to support YOU


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Episode 2 – MSMJ LLC 07/11 by IARRADIO | Blog Talk Radio

Episode 2 – MSMJ LLC 07/11 by IARRADIO | Blog Talk Radio.

Looking to submit your music for a potential publishing deal with MSMJ Music Publishing hit up http://www.msmjmusic.com

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Sound Quality

I know that this is not the first time that I have touched on this topic on our blog but my program director has asked me to touch on it again after listening to 50 or so submissions of independent artists music. So let me just be clear keep doing what you are doing but continue to educate yourselves don’t let the  SOUND QUALITY of your product ruin your chances to make it on the radio or anywhere else for that matter. Although there are a lot of entities out there willing and ready to help the indie artist let’s be honest they still want to maintain the integrity of their station as well so if your mix is not there we can not air it. Here are a few things to help you


1. Sandwich your song – Put your favorite Major Label artist’s song on a CD then put yours then put another hot song on the CD if your song does not measure up with the sound quality you should go back to the drawing board.

2. Have a consultation with a licensed Audio Engineer. They will be able to give you professional advice about your mix

3. Have your song MIXED by a professional you may spend between 300 to 500 dollars but it will be worth it

4. Don’t mix the record yourself if you don’t know how to mix a records. You are doing yourself a disservice professionals know when you have not done your due diligence.

5. Oh yeah and by the way a radio song mix of a song should be 3;45 or less keep that in mind


Trust me these things will help

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Spotlight Friday’s – Chris Cash x Matic

Chris Cash x Matic “At It Again” [Official Music Video]

Quick Bio:
Aside from being the go-to guy to hit up when you come to Vegas, Chris Cash operates his own record label and manages his and his artist Matic’s career as recording artist. Having over 10 years of experience in the music business, 8 of which was at the top hip hop radio station in Vegas Hot97.5 KVEG, Chris Cash has now ventured on his own independent path. In radio, Chris Cash remarkably went from intern to one of the top radio personalities in the city, working just about every on-air slot and met countless amount of celebrities which influenced him in a very positive way. Chris Cash and Matic honestly and vividly illustrates what their Vegas lifestyle has come to be.

Make sure you follow @cashavelli and @matic_ as they will host your journey through the city of sin.

“At It Again” [Dirty]

“At It Again” [Clean]

Trillapino Music [Mixtape]
On Datpiff:

Let me know if you need anymore information. Thanks Again!